Like talks, actions, celebrations, gatherings.

After years of ridicule, suddenly it’s okay to imagine utopia. And any utopia worth its salt is gonna be playful. We can’t get there without a fuller understanding of Tricksters and their journeys, where they stumble into moral discovery. As St. Tina sings, We Don’t Need Another Hero, we can beat the bad guys without extolling any particular good guys. The Trickster cheers us on from the cheap seats. Shepherd Siegel offers a fuller understanding of Tricksters, their journey of moral discovery, and their opening refrain… Tricksters Just Want to have Fun.

And so we begin.


June 5th Sunday | 6:00 PM

Tricking Power Launches!

The Rendezvous' Jewelbox Theater

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June 3rd Monday |

Bill Radke Interviews Shepherd Siegel

Bill Radke Interviews Shepherd Siegel on KUOW, Seattle's NPR Station

Why here it is!

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March 5th Tuesday | 7 PM

The Trickster in Politics and Culture

The New Central Library, Calgary, AB

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February 24th Thursday | 4:00

Site Launch!!!

The information super sidewalk

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September 26th Wednesday | 8PM - 10PM

Disruptive Play Book Launch


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