Public Speaking

The purpose of the books is to start a wider conversation.

So can I come on over? Can we talk? These ideas ache for the dialogue where folks can at least agree that things do not have to be the way they’ve always been. Bring me in! I talk, but I also listen, connect, and motivate. Let’s see what possibilities we can explore together.

Shepherd Siegel would love to meet you, engage with and play with you and yers. Within the conventions of a featured speaker, but of course! With more than a nod to the magic of vaudeville, standup, and the fruits of diligent research. Dr. Siegel brings the Trickster archetype to life right before your very eyes. And explains how giving tricksters their due is going to make the world a better place.

Dr. Siegel is available to speak in a number of formats. For as little as 45 minutes or as much as three hours, with a break. His style is interactive. Presentations can work with or without the feature of a slide show. Here is a sampling of the topics on which presents, but there is always a “currently showing” talk that includes many of the big ideas. Here are some talks, but a conversation about what your audience seeks is what will best prepare all for a great experience. And here’s an interview with Shepherd Siegel on KUOW, Seattle’s NPR station. Click on “Book Shepherd” to get that conversation going:
  • The Ten Attributes of the Trickster
  • Lord Buckley, The Most Famous Person To Have Never Become Famous
  • Slapstick, The Catapult and Catalyst of Disruptive Play
  • The Origins and Importance of the West African Trickster God Eshù Eléga
  • The Trickster in Afro-Atlantic Culture …. and Afrofuturism
  • Trickster Women
  • Yoko Ono: Trickster Re-Imagined
  • Time Travel, the Pogo Stick of Philosophy
  • The Trickster Spirit in People with Disabilities
  • Alfred Jarry, dada, and Marcel Duchamp
  • The Beats, The Sixties, and Trickster Magic
  • Andy Kaufman and Abbie Hoffman, a Holy Fool and a Lone Warrior of Play
  • Banksy, Anonymous, and The Yes Men
  • Burning Man, the Tricksters Playground

Shepherd for Your Event

Hey! Tell us about yourself. Fill in the blanks, but when you get to “Request for Speaking,” we’d love to hear about your event and the kind of talk that’s going to give your audience the best possible experience. Please share with us who you and your group are, and what you most want from a featured speaker.

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